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Aurora Solar Technologies INC. (Aurora Solar Technologies, INC. (CVE: ACU) (OTCMKTS: AACTF) (the “Company” or “Aurora Solar”).

As everyone already knows, solar energy is on the forefront of a technology stack leading civilization into the next generation of progressive and clean energy. 

With the world rushing towards installing solar panels on a local level for their businesses, and residential properties, solar energy solutions are becoming more demanded than ever. 

Companies like Nikola and Tesla are even experimenting on a large-scale capacity with implementing solar panels onto cars on the road to completely eliminate the need for ever recharging or refueling your car.

With the increased demand for solar energy solutions, comes an increased need for rapid innovation in that space, and Aurora Solar is in the forefront if that space. 

Aurora Solar Technologies Inc. develops, manufactures, and markets production measurement and control systems for solar energy systems.

Now, what does that exactly mean?

Well, when you have complex systems that need to pull solar energy and convert them into actual consumable energy, you need to have a reliable system to squeeze as much value out of the incoming solar rays as possible. If not, your system is not performing to its highest ability, which can lead to poor results in the long run.

The company offers what they call “DM sensors”, which are essentially measurement tools for production speeds. These sensors help technicians analyze real-time visualization of critical cell fabrication processes. It shows manufacturers and technicians of solar systems where the systems strengths and weaknesses are, and how things can be improved upon. 

Aurora also provides a suite of services, including system configuration and performance planning, such as design and engineering of DM, Visualize, and Inisght configurations to fit production line and performance objectives; system engineering and operations training courses; and post-installation support and optimization services.

Aurora’s technology is proprietary and is in extreme demand, backed by the several large-scale orders they have been receiving across Canda. 

Recently, Aurora also providing exciting insight into their InsightTM data science project for solar cell production yield optimization. “Insight is an innovative platform to maximize solar cell manufacturing yield and extend Aurora’s business scope to include software solutions capable of generating a recurring revenue stream.”

Aurora Solar plans for release of the first version of this product for evaluation by selected lead customers in the final calendar quarter of 2020.

As we explored Aurora Solar more, and their technology, it comes clear that this is something that could have a world wide impact. 

They have an extremely effective tool for optimization of these ever-growing solar system. Every new industry with new technology needs a suite backing them to increase performance and efficiency, and for Solar Energy, Aurora Solar is the leader in that effort. 

At its current market price, Aurora is an extremely valuable buy in out opinion.

With them concentrated on bringing in substantial recurring revenues starting at the final quarter of 2020 and beyond, and them leading into more high scale production projects and order fulfillment, it is no time before Aurora really starts to see a jump in value.

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