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listed on the CSE as “COOL

Core One Labs, Inc. is biotech company that is focused on bringing psychedelic medicine to the market, psychedelic assisted psychotherapy, and pharmaceutical grade psilocybin manufacturing.  They are mostly known for their oral delivery method which utilizes infused strips that are similar to breath strips.


Studies have been completed where psychedelic drugs were used for the treatment of various mental health issues such as depression, addiction, and general well-being.  Psilocybin is a naturally occurring psychedelic prodrug compound and has been shown to have positive effects in these issues.  As with any disease whether it is physical such as an autoimmune disease or mental such as depression, there isn’t a single drug for treatment.  There is no ‘one size fits all’.  During the treatment process, physicians must determine which drug or drugs to use and in what combination or dosage.  Psychedelic medication is a valid possible addition to a drug treatment protocol for individuals with a mental health issue.

The company’s proprietary delivery technology utilizes polymer sublingual strips called ‘NanoStrips’ that are similar to breath strips.  These strips provide the optimal delivery method for microdosing.  The strips solve the problem of delivering too much or too little of the necessary medication.  The company’s infused strips allow for the more efficient absorption of active ingredients and drug compounds.  In addition to psychedelics, the strips can be used to administer a multiple of different medications.  

Their proprietary strips have been shown to increase the efficacy of the medication delivered, deliver the medication with a high bioavailability, give precise dosing, and allow the medication to have a faster onset from the time the strips have been administered.

In order to maintain precise control of their product the company controls all of the following stages:  production, distribution, transportation, and delivery of the NanoStrips.

The Nanostrips can be used to deliver precise doses of the following active pharmaceutical ingredients (API): Psilocybin, DMT, LSD, Ibogaine, Mescaline, 2C-B,2C-I, AMT, DOM, CBD, THC, and others

The company also licenses their Nanostrip technology to other drug providers as an additional method for generating revenue.

The company is fully funded and is revenue positive and boasts a new world class management team.

Research & Development: Biosynthetic Psilocybin

The company has designed and produced a unique optimized DNA construct and producer strain that allows for time-efficient and cost-effective psilocybin at scale.  This psilocybin can be delivered via the company’s Nanostrips or sold as an ingredient for pharmaceutical companies.  Their production process retains the stereochemistry and efficacy of naturally occurring psilocybin that is found in hallucinogenic mushrooms which are known to be more effective than synthetic versions.  Bottom line is that the company is able to produce pharmaceutical grade psilocybin at a low cost.   They are able to generate revenue by selling it at a below market cost to pharmaceutical companies, and API manufacturers and organizations who are conducting clinical trials.

Investment Overview

Delivery System: Patented Nanostrip technology that can be further expanded into other drugs.  $15 million facility and another facility currently in production.

Research & Development: Patent pending technology, pharmaceutical grade product, and one of the few Health Canada Licensed Dealer Labs

Clinics: Studies involving over 200,00 patients, clinical trials, and currently expanding into new locations

Fully funded with over $20 million and invested capital, all of which is led by a world class management team.
The existing psychedelic drug compounds on the market are not specialized to work as effective pharmaceutical medications.  Mental health conditions have been on the rise and there are limited treatments for this disease.  Psychedelics offer a new class of treatment from current conventional pharmaceutical treatments.  Psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy has been studied in clinical and academic settings and the results have been compelling and promising.  And compared to other drugs, psychedelics have a low relative harm profile.

Research & Development Revenue Model

1)  Contract or form a joint venture partnership with a drug manufacturer to produce API grade psilocybin.  This product is then sold to pharmaceutical companies or other organizations.

2)  Operate a fully owned facility to product API grade psilocybin which is sold to pharmaceutical companies or other organizations.

3)  License the technology to pharmaceutical companies or drug manufacturers.

Investing in this company allows you to get in at an early stage.  As a biotech company they are well established and beyond the high-risk early stages:
1)  They hold an exclusive right to operate a lab facility with a Controlled Drug License that is issued by Health Canada in order to produce psilocybin.

2)  Both the production and research and development facility is built out, and operational.  

3)  Proprietary DNA sequences have been designed and constructed.

4)  They have already applied for a patent for their technology.

Medical Clinics

In addition to their production, and research and development facilities, the company also has two established medical clinics with other 200,000 patients in their database.  This division is partnered with the University of British Columbia.

The medical clinics are a great source of recurring revenue for the company.  These clinics provide the following for their patients:
1)  Treatment Plans

2)  Integration Therapy – In addition to the medication that is administered, psychotherapists help the patients by utilizing clinical psychological techniques.  These techniques drive both habit change and mindset improvements.

3)  Ongoing care – In order to increase long term patient compliance and results, the patients have access to the company’s digital patient portal for ongoing support and education to sustain the effects of the therapy.

There are a number of other psychedelic drug companies but they are in the process of performing drug trials which have a slow degree of revenue development.  Core One Labs is established and currently has a number of methods of generating revenue.

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