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Leading The Charge in The Evolution and Accessibility of Mycology: MyCelium Warehouse



Since the middle of the 17th century, humans have been growing mushrooms for a variety of reasons ranging from their delicious flavors to their remarkable health benefits. MyCelium Warehouse was created with one mission: making the world a better place through the power of mycology.


In 2021, it is no question the mushroom/psychedelic industry is ever-growing rapidly. In Canada, medical, commercial, and recreational uses of psychedelics are becoming more and more popular. Leading the charge in this evolution and progression is MyCelium Warehouse.


What is MyCelium Warehouse?

MyCelium Warehouse’s mission is to “put the keys to growing mushrooms in the hands of the masses”. They have sought out to create an easily accessible supply chain and route for everyday people as well as businesses to acquire the necessary knowledge and resources needed to grow mushrooms on their own in a safe manner.


MyCelium provides turnkey solutions for mycologists of all levels, from intro to advanced. No matter who or where you are, they quote that their “products empower you to explore mycology, grow your own mushrooms, and discover their many benefits for yourself.” In addition to the actual resources and products they provide, they accompany everything with educational resources to help customers stay on track every step of the way.


The Future of MyCelium Warehouse


As the popularity of mushrooms grows, Mycelium will lead the charge. They have an extensive stockpile and inventory of resources, strong leadership, and strengthening supply chains to be able to meet the massive demand increases that will come with the growth of the industry.


MyCelium’s vision is to lead the charge into the widespread adoption of psychedelics being used in everyday life for things like stress relief, mental health improvement, focus, and more. We believe that they have the resources and processes in place to be one of the biggest distributors, educators, and influences in the growth of recreational psychedelics nationwide.


Investing In MyCelium Warehouse

Recently, MyCelium Warehouse has just given you an opportunity to invest in them on the public markets, through a reverse takeover under the tickers $MYCLF (OTC Markets) and $GLL.CN (CSE Markets).  


At its current price of $0.25 CAD, we see this stock having a 150%+ upside, reaching a level of $0.70+ CAD in the medium-term.


This is just a brief introduction of what is looking like an amazing company to stash your money in long term. If you want to learn even more about MyCelium Warehouse, you can check out their website at Also, make sure to be on the lookout for our next articles! We will be covering MyCelium Warehouse and more companies much more in depth in the coming future. Happy investing!

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