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Stock Profile: Thoughtful Brands



Thoughtful Brands Stock Profile, Company Profile & Overview

If you have been searching for a company that would provide reliable exposure into the world of CBD, then Thoughtful Brands may just be what you need. This company is looking to expand its network and revolutionize the CBD industry in the next few years. Let’s take a look at the significant factors that make Thoughtful Brands the right addition to your portfolio.

Who is Thoughtful Brands?

With its 110,000 square foot pharmaceutical manufacturing facility stationed in Radebeul, Germany, Thoughtful Brands is an eCommerce technology company committed to researching, developing, marketing, and distributing health products in North America and Europe. This global health company distributes its products through different brands as it has a firm footing in the current CBD market. Its popularity also extends to the burgeoning psychedelic medicine sector as it is run by a team of highly-skilled researchers in the industry. At the pharmaceutical company in Germany, the Thoughtful Brands team conducts a variety of clinical studies using several compounds found in psychedelics, including naturally-occurring psilocybin to treat opiate addiction.

This leading company in the CBD industry is run by Ryan Hoggan. As the current CEO who holds an MBA from the University of Arizona and an MGM from Arizona State University, he brings close to a decade of entrepreneurship and leadership experience to the forefront of the team. His experience cuts across the natural health products, medical devices, and health equipment sectors. In 2014, a personal health scare launched him into the world of CBD and essential oils, where he began researching and experimenting on holistic products to improve his health. Given the success of his efforts, it was inevitable that he would fall in love with these products. Subsequently, this led him to take up the role of a Partner and President of Unified Funding. In this capacity, Mr. Hoogan has used the operations of this business to facilitate millions of consumer transactions across the nutrition, CBD products, and beauty sectors. Now, he runs Thoughtful Brands with the same vision of excellence.

What products does Thoughtful Brands offer?

1. Nature’s Exclusive

Nature’s Exclusive is a brand that focuses on harnessing the therapeutic benefits of hemp and making it available through its exclusive CBD hemp oil formula to thousands of people. So far, this company has steadily risen to the top of the chain and is considered one of the largest online retailers of CBD products based in the United States. Specifically, Nature’s Exclusive, with a customer base of more than 200,000 customers and as many as 500,000 potential clients, is a leader in online CBD sales in North America. The hemp oil used in their array of products is derived from hemp that is fully grown and cultivated in the United States.

The extraction process is handled by experts who undertake this task while maintaining all the beneficial qualities of hemp. The range of products of this growing company includes CBD pain relief cream, CBD oil drops, CBD skin serum, CBD gummies, and CBD coffee. No doubt, Nature’s Exclusive has proven itself a brand that delivers the best mix of CBD and other natural botanicals in the industry right at the doorstep of satisfied customers. Nature’s Exclusive also has an impressive financial status. This company specializing in using US-grown CBD hemp has a consideration of 48.2 million dollars shares, and these are priced at about $0.80. It was also acquired at a revenue valuation of 1.7 times. Nature’s Exclusive is committed to using innovative techniques to develop premium CBD products and tinctures for its consistently growing customer base.

2. Verrian

Verrian was established with a solid vision: to rewire the mind to overcome opiate addiction strictly using natural medicine. This has been the focus of this state-of-the-art psychedelic medicine research company for years. The home of their experiments and research is the ISO 14001-compliant 110,000-square-foot pharmaceutical manufacturing facility located in Radebeul, Germany. Here, Verrian engages in the European Union-good manufacturing practices, where it is certified for narcotics handling and manufacturing.

Verrian researchers have been studying the potential for little doses of psilocybin to remove the dopamine effect elicited by addictive substances. This means effectively reducing the desire for addictive substances by the user and therefore eliminating its abuse. This health company fosters a relationship with strategic partners that can work with them in creating their portfolio of products. With custom genetics for medical plants, Verrian has been able to maintain the consistency of its products.

Its current manufacturing facility was purchased in 2019 from a global pharmaceutical manufacturer. This highly equipped facility and its equipment had an independent appraisal of more than $10 million. This included the full pharmaceutical manufacturing suite and an analytical laboratory. Verrian’s product portfolio comprises PSI GEN and PSI GEN+. Both products contain a natural psilocybin extract gotten from organic mushrooms and can be used alongside other anti-addiction products. They are administered in microdoses thrice weekly with tested stability. With its medical research team, Verrian is making waves in the world of addiction medicine with physicians who have a Qualified Person designation under European Medicines Agency standards.

3. Sativida

Sativida is the third brand working with Thoughtful Brands. This leading Europe-based online retailer is a distributor of CBD products in the United Kingdom, Portugal, Germany, Spain, France, and Austria. What makes this company stand out is its dedication to online direct to consumer retail, with a vast range of 100% organic CBD cosmetics and oils distributed across Europe. In 2019, Sativida generated revenue of $560,000 and had a gross margin of 64%. However, this company is not ready to rest on its oars as it is in the process of expanding its distribution network to include the United States and other international countries.

The creation of Sativida products involves a detailed extraction process where the beneficial qualities of the hemp are maintained. Therefore, it’s no surprise that this product line earned an award for its accurate CBD levels and minimal heavy metal content. Sativida’s exclusive range of products includes CBD pain relief cream, CBD coffee, CBD oil drops, CBD skin serum, and CBD gummies. The company comprises a group of medical doctors, scientific consultants, and laboratory technicians who are experienced in the administration of cannabinoid treatments. These experienced team members ensure that the commercial agents and quality of production are at optimal levels to safeguard the delivery of the best mix of CBD products to your doorsteps. Sativida continues to carry out research programs that will help in its mission to provide comprehensive support in the use of CBD products to manage some of the most challenging diseases in existence.

Deep Dive Into Thoughtful Brands, Is it Worth the Investment?

As Thoughtful Brands continues to solidify its position in the CBD industry, here are a few reasons why buying its stocks is a good investment.

Acquired e-commerce retailers

Thoughtful Brands is a firmly grounded company that has acquired strong e-commerce retailers in the CBD industry. These retailers have combined total sales of more than $25,000,000. Looking at the Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization (EBITDA), it stands at approximately 12.5%. This indicates that the amount of cash generated as its net income is at a reasonable value. With projections such as this, Thoughtful Brands is expected to continue in an upward trajectory that will be beneficial to investors.

Growing customer base

What keeps a company functioning is its customer base. Thoughtful Brands has a current customer base of more than 200,000 people, contributing massively to its growing importance in the CBD industry. Armed with the commitment to continue to deliver effective CBD-based products to its customer base, it has additional leads of more than 500,000 potential new customers. These will add to the company’s market capitalization, making it grow in value as it gathers more exposure.

Acquired pharmaceutical manufacturer of psychedelic products

Thoughtful Brands is an acquired pharmaceutical manufacturer of psychedelic products with the first-mover advantage. This company is one of the first brands to enter the psychedelic medicine space, which makes them early birds. It is known that first movers have the advantage of getting ahead of the competition. An excellent example of a first mover is Coca-Cola. Invented in 1896, John S. Pemberton was already selling as many as a million gallons yearly before Pepsi-Cola was created thirteen years later. Today, Pepsi is still playing catch-up to this beverage company while Coca-Cola continues to dominate this market. Other first movers that stand out in their industries include Amazon, Kleenex, and eBay. With this trajectory, it is safe to say that Thoughtful Brands can take advantage of being a first mover to get ahead before other companies get into the industry.

Strategic partnerships

Building strategic partnerships is also a fundamental factor when looking at the stocks to add to your portfolio. Thoughtful Brands recently announced that it had signed a binding term sheet with American CBD, a Kentucky-based extraction company. This agreement will include the acquisition of all the issues and outstanding shares of the company. Such a partnership will set the stage for Thoughtful Brands to control the production, logistics, and value aspects of the supply chain, thereby becoming a fully vertically-integrated CBD company.

Thoughtful Brands also signed a supply agreement with a vertically-integrated company known as Sweet Earth Holdings Corp. This company, which cultivates quality CBD products in Oregon, is an exclusive CBD dog treat provider to Nature’s Exclusive, the direct to consumer brand of Thoughtful Brands. This agreement will give Thoughtful Brands a chance to maximize customer service in this industry. Right now, the market for pet CBD products is a booming one. According to a research conducted by BDS Analytics and sponsored by RestoraPet, it has been projected that the pet CBD market could grow to as much as $810 million in 2024, five percent faster than the overall CBD market in the next four years.

EU expansion-ready

With plans to extend its distribution network to the United States and other countries internationally, Thoughtful Brands is a company that has a stable growth model. One of its acquired brands, Sativida, has already applied for the Novel Foods permit. This will allow the company to sell its products in the EU. A lot of businesses looking to expand globally believe that Europe is the perfect place for a collaborative approach to economic growth. Apart from being a fertile ground for growth, a European expansion also means a free flow of products through the EU. Although this plan comes with its challenges, Thoughtful Brands seems prepared to face them with the right resources that will propel them towards gaining the rewards of having new customers. As soon as Thoughtful Brands becomes a part of the EU, this health research company will also be able to access a new market base in the three non-EU states of Liechtenstein, Norway, and Iceland. This is thanks to the European Economic Area (EEA) Agreement signed in 1992, which makes the EU trade policy valid in these countries. Thoughtful Brands has a growth strategy that will help them meet consumer and market demands successfully during this expansion phase.

Vertically integrated production and sales

Thoughtful Brands plans to vertically integrate low-cost production into its retail brands. This will ensure that they achieve as many as 20 times their initial margin increase. These factors will have a positive effect on company value, which will reflect in its stock price. These projections are expected to increase your stock portfolio if you include Thoughtful Brands into it now that its share prices are currently low.

The world is becoming more accepting of CBD-based products as companies are coming up with researching solutions to harness the power of this hemp-derived product. Thoughtful Brands is strategically positioned to become a world leader in this industry and presents a strong buying opportunity at its current low rate.


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