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Two Mining and Exploration Stocks That Command Your Attention



Companies whose business models are centered around mining have always been around in the markets. Raising money on the capital markets to flow money into new territory acquisitions, new technology, and more equipment have always been the goal for these companies. AFter actually mining and exporting the precious resources, these companies and stocks prices alongside have seen massive growth and upside continuation.


In the early half of this year, 2021, we have seen a ton of bullish factors pointing towards the mining industry. Between commodities prices rising, industry growth, and individual mining stocks taking center stage, companies involved in the mining and exploration business deserve attention. 


Today, we wanted to break down for you three of our top mining and exploration companies we are keeping a close eye on going into this busy summer season. Keep in mind, summers usually are very busy for the mining industry as many companies ramp up exploration efforts due to the weather being sufficient in most mountainous regions.


There is no better time to explore these companies, so let’s dive right in!


OPW.V: Opawica Explorations

Who Is Opawica Explorations?

Trading on the TSXV exchange under the ticker $OPW, Opawica is a Canadian based exploration company headquartered in Vancouver, BC. Led by Blake Morgan (CEO and President), as well as Sandra Wong (CFO) the company has been growing its portfolio of precious metals and base materials properties within the Rouyn-Noranda region of the Abitibi Gold Belt in Québec. 

Blake Morgan has had 15 years of experience in the mining industry, which has given him firsthand knowledge and understanding of the necessary processes needed to run successful projects. Just as much as we research the company itself, we research the management teams to make sure their experience and vision are in-line with our financial projections. Opawica’s team aids in our confidence and reinforces our predictions.

Opawica’s Current Projects

With a strong track record in prior expeditions and exploration projects, the company has begun several key projects moving towards the future in Quebec, Yukion, and Ontario. Their ‘Bazooka West Property’, in Quebec, BC, is particularly one of the more interesting projects they have undergone in our eyes. The area is 100% owned by Opawica and consists of 24 mineral claims totaling an area of 953.86 hectares.


Opawica’s New Developments

One of the biggest headlines to hit Opawica was the involvement of billionaire businessman, Eric Sprout. Known for making solid investments in the mining field, Eric Sprout has recently last week invested in Opawica Explorations through a private placement. Any time that big money and reputable investors with a strong track record puts money into a stock, it is a notable event worthy of your attention. 

Opawica’s Upside Potential

Opawica over the past few months has had a fantastic rise, gaining over 125% since our initial coverage. With new investors, region expansion, and strong volume, we are raising our price target to $1.20 CAD giving $OPW.V more upside potential.


Pampa Metals Corp. ($PM.CN / $PMMCF)

Who is Pampa Metals Corp.?

Pampa Metals is another strong mining and expiration company centered around the copper industry. Pampa Metals owns an outstanding portfolio of eight projects covering more than 59,000 hectares prospective for copper and gold located along proven mineral belts in Chile, one of the world’s top mining jurisdictions. 

In addition to a large portfolio of properties, Pampa Metals also has a very experienced board and management team that has a vision to create value for shareholders and all other stakeholders by making a major copper or gold discovery using the best geological and technological methods.The Board and Management is highly experienced with more than 100 years of combined experience in the exploration and mining business, and with a track record of discovery and project development in South America, Europe and Australia, including multiple decades working in South America in general and Chile in particular. This team is unlike many others in the industry, demonstrating in the past solid execution ability alongside having an abundant experience in the capital markets, and a deep network on several continents.


Pampa Metals Synopsis

Copper prices have been flying recently in the past few years. Any time a commodity price rises and gains activity, the individual stocks in that sector, or ‘sympathy plays’, deserve attention. That is why eyes have been pointing towards Pampa Metals Corp. With a need to diversify into copper-rich mining companies, volume has flowed into Pampa Metals in an attempt for many to get exposure to the copper price rise. As they mine more copper and add that value of the commodity assets to their portfolio, Pampa’s valuation rises as a natural result. 

The experienced team over at Pampa Metals as well has strong growth plans and is also adding new technology to help increase their output. Growth-oriented teams are always valuable with exploration and mining companies, and Pampa Metals has the perfect blend. 


Pampa Metals Price Target

We see Pampa Metals Corp. having a solid summer, with a price target of $1.10 CAD. Currently trading around $.51 CAD, that gives this stock room to go. The technicals line up with strong fundamentals, and this stock really hasn’t made it’s strong first move yet. Look to track copper prices as well alongside Pampa Metals Corp. and keep an eye on new headlines plus increasing volume. 


As always, make sure to do your OWN research and due diligence. We are NOT licensed investment advisors and this information is purely for entertainment purposes only. 

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